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IUOE 542 Health Center mailer

IUOE 542 Health Center mailer


  • The Sub fund is being increased to $250 for the months of December, January, February, and March.
  • Please take note regarding the SUB fund:  You must apply for benefits within 90 days of the Saturday of the week you are first unemployed and eligible for benefits.  Subsequent claims must be made within 90 days of the week -ending for which benefits are payable.
  • IUOE Local 542 Health Center mailer
  • The Welfare Fund has been covering CDL Physicals since the start of 2018.  Click here for the requirements for reimbursement.
  • Motor Vehicle Accidents are Not covered by the Welfare Fund.  (Please talk to your insurance agent about increasing your medical coverage.)
  • Dependent Maternity is not covered.
  • Let us know when you: get Married or Divorced, have a child, or move.
  • When retired, our Health & Welfare plan (if eligible) requires you and/or your spouse to have Medicare A & B when eligible.