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Supplemental Unemployment Benefit

To Apply for SUB Benefits - Please Call 888-542-8511



You may be eligible if you are working for an employer who is making contributions to the SUB Fund as the result of a collective bargaining agreement.  This is a member-only benefit.

When Your Coverage Begins

Coverage may begin after you have been credited with at least 500 hours in a 12-month period.


Your employer makes contributions to the SUB Fund on your behalf.

When Benefits Are Paid

Your supplemental unemployment benefit will be paid during periods of unemployment due to a layoff or disability.  You must have been credited with at least 500 hours in the 12 months before the month of your initial benefit year.  (Your initial benefit year starts on the Saturday of the week you first qualify and apply for benefits and ends one year later.)

How Long Benefits Are Paid

You may receive benefits for up to 39 weeks for either:
Any one period of unemployment; or
All periods of unemployment during one benefit year

Benefit Amount

The SUB Fund provides you with $100 per week.

Claim Submission

You complete the application process by phone.  The SUB Application Line (SAL) is available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Call toll free at 1-888-542-8511.  Follow the prompts to complete your initial application and your continued certification.  Your Local District Agent must certify that you are on the Local 542 out of work list, are available for work, and have not refused employment when it has been offered.

When Your Coverage Ends

You will continue to be eligible for coverage, provided your employer continues to make the required contributions and you continue to be credited with at least 500 hours in the applicable 12-month period.


Call the Fund office at 1-215-542-8211.

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