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542 Nurses

For Your Benefit

Our 542 nurses are ready to respond whenever you are struggling with a healthcare issue.  They can:

  • VISIT YOU AT HOME or in the hospital to assess your care needs.
  • BE YOUR GUIDE, coach and advocate for any healthcare issue.
  • MAKE APPOINTMENTS so you can be seen as quickly as possible.
  • GO WITH YOU to see doctors, to ask questions and to get answers.
  • RECOMMEND DOCTORS for all care needs and second opinions.
  • RESOLVE PROBLEMS with billing, claims and health insurance.
  • GET THINGS YOU NEED such as healthcare equipment and supplies.
  • PROVIDE DECISION SUPPORT when you are thinking about treatments or surgery.
  • EXPLAIN A NEW DIAGNOSIS to help you make informed decisions.

Who is eligible: This service is available to P1/C2/MC2 members and their eligible dependents. All services are free and confidential.

To speak with a nurse, contact the Funds Office Monday – Friday 8:30 am – 4:30 pm

Karen (215)-542-8211 ext. 5115   or   (855)-755-4863   

Gina (215)-542-8211 ext. 5111

After hours, contact Guardian Nurses at (215)-836-0260

What our members are saying…

“I have dealt with Heidi, Gina and Karen and I am very thankful of this service and their level of professionalism and care. What a wonderful benefit as a union member – helping us through the medical/insurance world that is, at times, very confusing. Thank you,

Keith & Catherine Redden”

“There is no way to express how grateful we are for all the guidance and support given to us by all the healthcare advocates associated with Local 542. We had zero knowledge of how to handle all the red tape or what was procedure. Thank goodness Heidi, Karen and Gina (and more) contacted us and told us what should be done to get the care needed for our son Charles Doheny. Heidi even came to Temple, Moss Rehab and Brookside, all the places Charles has been, to make sure everything medically needed was being done. Not only did they provide the knowledge, but we received immense emotional support. We can never thank everyone who helped enough.

Bob & Linda Cassel”



  • The Trustees approved a SUB increase to $250 per week for December 2023 through March 2024
  • Health Center Grand Opening Mailer 2023
  • Please take note regarding the SUB fund:  You must apply for benefits within 90 days of the Saturday of the week you are first unemployed and eligible for benefits.  Subsequent claims must be made within 90 days of the week -ending for which benefits are payable.
  • The Welfare Fund has been covering CDL Physicals since the start of 2018.  Click here for the requirements for reimbursement.
  • Motor Vehicle Accidents are Not covered by the Welfare Fund.  (Please talk to your insurance agent about increasing your medical coverage.)
  • Non-spousal Dependent Maternity is not covered.
  • Let us know when you: get Married or Divorced, have a child, or move.
  • When retired, our Health & Welfare plan (if eligible) requires you and/or your spouse to have Medicare A & B when eligible.