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Paper reports may also be obtained by calling the Benefit Office at 1-800-233-2043 or 1-215-542-8211 or by downloading from the FORMS page. Reports and payments are due by the 15th but not later than the 25th of the month following the close of the month the report covers. Reports must be submitted each and every month, even though no covered employees were employed during the previous month. Refer to your Collective Bargaining Agreement for penalty provided for failure to report and pay within any reporting period.

Below are remittance report examples for each area:

5 County Building / Heavy / Highway

7 County Building

29 County Heavy / Highway

22 County Building

DE Building / Heavy / Highway

  • The combined remittance for Joint Funds, which consist of Pension, Welfare, S.U.B. and Apprentice contributions, applicable Surcharge contributions, and the Annuity Fund contribution, should be made payable to “Joint Funds-Engineers E. PA and DE”.
  • Separate remittances must be made for the Union Check-Off, payable to “IUOE Local 542”, and the Industry Advancement Fund, payable to “H/H Industry Advancement Fund”
  • It is the employer’s obligation to complete the report listing each employee’s social security number and name, hours worked, hours paid and gross wages for the period being reported.
  • Hours reported must include all hours for which payment has been made during the period covered by the report. Gross wages will be total compensation paid including overtime.
  • Surcharges are specific rates per hours paid for Welfare, S.U.B. and Apprentice funds, and vary according to wage group and Collective Bargaining Agreement. Report the detailed wage group, contract code and appropriate surcharge rates for each employee on the reporting form.
  • Duplicates of the reporting form must be carefully preserved by the Employer at his principal place of business and should at all times be available for inspection by duly authorized representatives of the Board of Trustees, or Representatives of Local 542 for report relating to the Union Dues Check-Off.
  • Explain any adjustments on separate sheet.
  • The report may be signed by:
    • the owner, if the firm is a proprietorship;
    • a partner, if firm is a partnership;
    • the president, treasurer or other principal officer if the employer is a corporation. The signer’s title and the date on which the report is signed must also be shown.
  • If you have determined that you have erred and have overreported contributions to the Funds, you may not unilaterally take a credit in subsequent remittances. Refunds or credits for overpayments are authorized only by the Board of Trustees. A letter should be forwarded to the attention of the Collections Manager setting forth the basis of the overpayment and requesting a refund.


  • The Trustees approved a SUB increase to $250 per week for December 2023 through March 2024
  • Health Center Grand Opening Mailer 2023
  • Please take note regarding the SUB fund:  You must apply for benefits within 90 days of the Saturday of the week you are first unemployed and eligible for benefits.  Subsequent claims must be made within 90 days of the week -ending for which benefits are payable.
  • The Welfare Fund has been covering CDL Physicals since the start of 2018.  Click here for the requirements for reimbursement.
  • Motor Vehicle Accidents are Not covered by the Welfare Fund.  (Please talk to your insurance agent about increasing your medical coverage.)
  • Non-spousal Dependent Maternity is not covered.
  • Let us know when you: get Married or Divorced, have a child, or move.
  • When retired, our Health & Welfare plan (if eligible) requires you and/or your spouse to have Medicare A & B when eligible.